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College Football Playoff picks after Week 10

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College Football Playoff picks after Week 10

College Football Playoff picks after Week 10. We were aware going into the week that we would lose to one of the remaining six unbeaten teams, Georgia or Tennessee. How the outcome of Saturday’s match between the Bulldogs and Volume would impact the loser was the question.

How will Saturday’s top games affect the college football playoff chase? What are the current prospects for the top four? The Allstate playoff predictor has the answers. Check back every week as the odds are updated after that week’s game.

playoff picks

Teams (Record)vote
Georgia (9-0)15/15
Ohio State (9-0)15/15
TCU (9-0)15/15
Michigan (9-0)12/15
Oregon (8-1)2/15
Tennessee (8-1)1/15

Turns out, Georgia’s 27-13 victory was enough to keep Tennessee away from all but one ESPN ballot. The Georgia defense held Tennessee without a touchdown for the first time since 2020. The Dogs outscored a team that entered the game in the first half of this season with a margin of plus-173 points, the best in the FBS, 24-6 at the first half. Georgia entered the game this season with 10 sacks, the lowest in the SEC. The Bulldogs sacked Hendon Hooker six times and harassed Heisman’s favorite all night.

Elsewhere, Ohio State escaped a scare at Northwestern, where winds in excess of 45 mph thwarted any offensive attempt. The Buckeyes could not take advantage of any of their eight third-down opportunities in the first half, and quarterback CJ Stroud had just 76 passing yards for the game. However, his career-best 79 rushing yards proved crucial in the 21-7 victory.

Michigan and TCU also remained unbeaten, setting themselves apart in the second half against Rutgers and Texas Tech, respectively. The Horned Frogs are now a unanimous selection among ESPN voters for the first time this season.

With all this in mind, ESPN’s College Football Reporter takes a look at how the current playoff picture looks.

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