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Is Vin Diesel In Avatar: The Way Of Water?, explained

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Is Vin Diesel In Avatar: The Way Of Water?, explained

Is Vin Diesel In Avatar: The Way Of Water?, explained. Avatar: The Way of Water created a significant number of new characters in the world of Pandora in addition to the existing ones. The cast of Avatar: The Way of Water is as as skilled as that of its predecessor, from Jake Sully to Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) (Sam Worthington and Neytiri Zoe Saldaa).

But when a certain character from the 2009 version showed up in Avatar, viewers were taken aback by Vin Diesel-like similarities in appearance and demeanour! Is Vin Diesel in Avatar: The Way of Water, one would ask? Is Vin Diesel of the Fast & Furious movies included in Avatar: The Way of Water? Here is what we learned!

NO is the response to the aforementioned query. In Avatar: The Way of Water, Vin Diesel was not present. Notably, the person in question is Corporal Lyle Wainfleet from the first movie. In James Cameron’s original Avatar, Wainfleet, a member of the RDA security team who assists Quaritch in their struggle with the Na’vi, is played by actor Matt Gerald, who has a striking resemblance to Vin Diesel.

Although Matt Gerald and Vin Diesel shared a similar physical resemblance, many people were convinced that Vin Diesel would feature in Avatar: The Way of Water because James Cameron and Diesel had previously hinted at the former’s presence in an Avatar sequel.

Despite his absence from the initial follow-up, Vin Diesel may appear in the upcoming sequel, Avatar 3, given that the second and third parts were shot back-to-back. Notably, James Cameron and Diesel made an appearance in a 2019 video where the filmmaker purposefully hid the identity of the Avatar sequel that was in production at the time. Additionally, he mentioned that they are both working on Avatar 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Diesel is likely to make an appearance in Avatar 3 after missing out on Avatar: The Way of Water and being confused for Matt Gerald there, considering that Avatar 4 is only halfway complete and Avatar 3 is almost finished. Additionally, it’s a thrilling development for Vin Diesel and Avatar fans alike!

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