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Jerry Lee Lewis still alive, despite reports of his death

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Jerry Lee Lewis still alive, despite reports of his death

Jerry Lee Lewis still alive

Jerry Lee Lewis still alive Despite earlier today’s reports to the contrary, rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis is still alive, as according Entertainment Weekly. A spokesperson for Lewis, who is now (still) 87 years old, issued an announcement today rejecting an earlier TMZ report that claimed he had passed away today. The report has prompted an apology from TMZ.

Lewis has been known to be sick with the flu this week; he was not able to attend the Country Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony on October 16, when his wife accepted the honour in his place, therefore it may be overstating things to state that he is “alive and well.” However, TMZ admitted that they had received a false information about his supposed death. Jerry Lee Lewis still alive

Lewis seemed weak and ill in a Post on facebook from his official account.
Jerry Lee Lewis was eventually admitted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on Sunday, according to the post from October 19. The sickness kept the great Jerry Lee from attending the ceremony.

Hank Williams Jr. gave Jerry Lee an award that his old friend Kris Kristofferson accepted on his behalf. Kris and his wife Lisa were gracious enough to drive to Memphis to personally present Jerry Lee with the award.

However, his career was severely set back in the later half of the decade when it came to light that he had wed Myra Gale Brown, a 13-year-old first cousin twice removed. Lewis experienced a dry spell in the 1960s, primarily as a result of the surrounding controversy, but he finally made a comeback as a country artist, consistently charting with singles like “Would You Take Another Chance On Me.” Despite the aforementioned personal issues, he has since received multiple Grammy awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and membership into the Academy’s Hall of Fame, and is still widely regarded as one of the pioneering  fathers of rock ‘n’ roll.

After People magazine published an article and posted claiming Joni Mitchell had passed away, the fake news about Lewis is the second big music icon to have been declared dead in recent weeks. In that instance, the mistake was more obvious to readers since the narrative and headline both had “TKs,” indicating that they were pre-written draughts that needed filling in before any obituary was published.

Lewis hasn’t been performing lately, but he felt good enough to travel from Memphis to Nashville in May to attend the press conference and pose for pictures as the Country Hall of Fame inductees were revealed.

Beyond the induction into the Hall of Fame, Lewis will soon be the subject of the rocker documentary “Trouble in Mind,” produced by Ethan Coen. The documentary hasn’t been given a distribution date yet, but it received high reviews when it made its Cannes debut in May; you can read Variety writer Owen Gleiberman’s assessment here.

“I write to you today from my sick bed, rather than being able to convey my views in person,” Lee continued in a letter to his supporters. Since learning about it earlier this year, I’ve been eager to go, so I did everything I could to gather the fortitude to do so today. Please accept my heartfelt apologies for missing this wonderful occasion; perhaps I’ll run across you all again soon.
With the success of “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” in 1957, Lee made his musical debut.
He became well-known for his piano playing and frequently performed with other rock musicians like Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.

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