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The Premier League is back Here is what we learned on Boxing Day

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The Premier League is back: Here’s what we learned on Boxing Day

The Premier League is back Here is what we learned on Boxing Day. The Premier League has resumed play, and despite worries about the World Cup break’s possible effects, it appears to have had little effect.

Arsenal continues to dominate the rest of the league, Newcastle United continues to intimidate opponents off the field, Brighton & Hove Albion continues to be the new Southampton, and Southampton continues to be the new… Burnley?

Despite missing Gabriel Jesus, Arsenal are still very good. Arsenal defeated West Ham 3-1 to maintain their lead in the standings. Newcastle is also firmly in the Very-Good camp right now, and the panellists wonder if they could be legitimate title challengers.

Another Darwin Nez controversy is sparked by Liverpool’s victory over Aston Villa, Spurs are exactly the same as they were six weeks ago, and Everton enters into crisis mode. Additionally, Fulham and Brighton score impressive victories, and there is significant uncertainty around the draft’s exclusion list.

In remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, the Premier League season starts after a six-month hiatus. The thrilling round of games that will take place on Boxing Day are something that supporters are anticipating as they prepare for the restart.

When they visit Brentford on Monday, Tottenham will be hoping to recover from a difficult period. But they might struggle without important players like Hugo Lloris, Cristian Romero, and Harry Kane. Arsenal is attempting to hold onto first place in the standings in the meantime. Later on in the day, they will play West Ham in a London Derby.

Chelsea will be looking to get back on track when they host Bournemouth the next day. Manchester United will play against Nottingham Forest at Old Trafford the same day. The season’s final match will see Manchester City travel to Leeds on Wednesday.

According to the latest standings, Arsenal leads the list with 12 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, having played 14 games. Wolves stand last with only 2 wins and 9 losses. With so much on the line, all of these matches are sure to be exciting, and fans will be eagerly anticipating the outcome. So, it will be a thrilling couple of days for Premier League fans.


  1. Why was the Premier League paused?
    It was paused as a gesture of respect after the death of Queen Elizabeth II
  2. Who won the 2022 Premier League?
    Manchester City

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