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These 5 Weird Airlines Will Blow Your Mind: From Bikini Costumes to All-Naked Flight

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These 5 Weird Airlines Will Blow Your Mind: From Bikini Costumes to All-Naked Flight

These 5 Weird Airlines Will Blow Your Mind: From Bikini Costumes to All-Naked Flight. Everyone in the world gets enthusiastic when talking about travel and vacations. Of course, the advertising campaigns employed by numerous airlines also significantly contribute to our growing interest in flying. However, not every airline aims to wow you because some employ peculiar strategies to get your attention. Here, we’ve covered seven bizarre airlines that are well-known around the world for their distinctive offerings.

Can you believe, for instance, that there is an aircraft where passengers are permitted to fly nude? Additionally, there is a flight when the cabin staff is introduced in a bikini. Yes, it’s accurate, but there’s more. We need you to know a lot more than that.

5 Extremely Weird & Bizarre Airlines Worldwide 

The German Nude Airlines

I’ll start with the most amazing: German Nude Airlines. Is it true that a German airline permits its passengers to fly entirely naked? In this instance, it is true. No clothing is required for the passengers to enjoy the trip. This flight connects some well-known Baltic Sea resorts with the German city of Erfurt.

However, it is required that people cover up when entering and exiting the aircraft.

VietJet Air: Bikini Cabin Crew

Let’s board the next flight that introduces its cabin crew in a bikini after the one that included a naked pilot. Yes, you shouldn’t be shocked because we’re talking about VietJet Air, often known as “Bikini Airlines” in popular culture. This was done purposely to pique interest and draw in viewers.

Nguyen Thi Phuong, the CEO of VietJet Aviation and a soon-to-be billionaire, reportedly believed that women dancing the Hawaiian dance while only wearing a bikini would aid in the opening of a domestic route in Vietnam.

Air Malta: Free Massages

Finally, in this list of strange and quirky airlines, we have something intriguing. On certain flights, Air Malta provides free hand, foot, and neck massages to its economy passengers. To improve the entire customer experience, they also provide passengers spa gift cards and beauty supplies.

Sounds soothing, doesn’t it? Additionally, the airline experienced tremendous success and gained respect for the innovative idea.

EVA Air: The Adorable Hello Kitty Theme

Taiwanese airline EVA Air Hello Kitty attracted notice by making “Hello Kitty” its theme. The airlines’ cute marketing approach, which included painted lovely kittens on the aeroplanes and character-filled seat cushions, was successful and generated healthy profits.

Unfortunately, the services were discontinued in 2021 because to the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic. But among the passengers, there is still a huge demand for the “Hello Kitty” theme.

Air New Zealand: The ‘Cuddle Class’

You’ve probably heard of Economy Class and Business Class, but have you ever heard of Cuddle Class? Between New Zealand and Los Angeles, Air New Zealand provided its passengers incredible seats that could also be used as couches. As “cuddle class,” the sky sofas were also well-liked.

I’ll be honest; some of these airlines were so bizarre that we might not have even consented to board, even if it were free. As we get to a conclusion, we are grateful that Indian airlines did not consider using such experimentation to draw customers.

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