MEET PIXIE CURTIS, 10 Year Old Millionaire Who Is Planning To Retire At 15

This 10-year-old child has generated enough money to retire at 15 as a multimillionaire, while we fret at our computers and rush through our job to do our daily responsibilities.

PIxie Curtis

The Australian multimillionaire owns two Companies and makes millions of dollars a year.

Two Companies

Pixie started her hugely successful accessory and toy businesses with her mother Roxy Jacenko.

Booming business

Then, last May, they set up Pixie's Fidgets. selling out their first lot of toys within 2 days.

Pixie's Fidgets

Both businesses are doing sowell that Jacen ko says Pixie is good enough to retire when she is 15.

Retire at 15

Jacenko juggles her time running her own PR firm and working for young Pixie's companies.

Roxy Jacenko

Pixie Curtis is also a social EO media MO celebrity and has over 111 thousand followers on Instagram.

Instagram star

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